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  2000 - Present   By evaluating the impact of space on human behavior, Ms. Ehsan has evoked awareness of space and 
  developed features to improve the quality of our man-made environment. Currently, she is writing a book on the 
  subject of “The Spirit of Space” and lecturing to professionals and the public at large. She has been a keynote speaker 
  and lecturer in many universities, national and international conferences in the US, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, 
  Iran, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ireland, England, Italy, Germany, and 
  South Africa. For the past five years, Noushin Ehsan has provided a second opinion in design for projects large and 
  small. These projects include: the cursory review of the master plan of Sofia in Bulgaria; the review of the development 
  of over 100,000 new  residential and commercial spaces in different towns in China; the evaluation of the design of a 
  community of over 100 apartments and villas in Krtole, Montenegro, which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site; 
  and the evaluation of client objectives for many residential buildings. She has also been a juror in national and 
  international architectural and planning competitions. Her professional goal is to encourage a holistic approach to 
  design, and through second opinions, guide projects to their fullest potential.
  1985 -Present   President and founder of Accessible Architecture PC in New York. The work includes restoration and
  renovation of educational and institutional buildings for clients, with projects such as: the New York Technical College 
  buildings in Brooklyn for The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, La Guardia Airport Ground Crew Communication 
  Centers for The Port Authority of NY & NJ, five different Multi Service Centers for the Human Resources Administration, 
  and over 400 private clients. Founded in 1985, Accessible Architecture’s publications and projects have increased public 
  knowledge of how architecture can improve the quality of life. 

  1975 - 1985   Managing Director of BEB Consultants, Architecture & Planning, with offices in New York, London, Paris, 
  and Tehran. Designed major projects including master plan for four new towns and two campus plans, a 5,000-unit housing 
  complex and design of a 42-story hotel with 300 deluxe rooms in Tehran, Iran; apartment/hotel complex in Algarve, Portugal; 
  Diplomatic Quarters of Arab Satellite in Riyadh; apartment complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; a multi-purpose clinic in Los 
  Angeles;  and elderly housing in Sacramento, California. Also Partner-In-Charge of design for a commercial center 
  consisting of offices, hotel, apartments and shopping mall in Mashhad, Iran, (a joint venture with S.O.M. of Chicago) and 
  Co-Designer of the Museum of Modern Art, in Berlin (a joint venture with Gutbrod office in Berlin).
Some of these projects cans can be viewed in the portfolio.
Architectural License, New York State Master of Architecture & Urban Design, University of California at Los Angeles One-year special study, Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris Bachelor of Architecture, Tehran University Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Design at the school of Fine Art, Tehran
Guest Lecturer in: Tsinghua University, Beijing; Chongqing University and Xian University in China. Also guest Lecturer, in universities in: Japan, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Africa, Thailand, and Singapore. Adjunct Professor, Architectural Association (AA), London Associate Professor, North East London Polytechnic, London Adjunct Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Boston, MA Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
Selected Lectures:
a AIA New York Chapter, New York, NY "The Spirit of Space" Lecturer a National Arts Club, New York, NY, "The Spirit of Space" Lecturer Association for Baha’i Studies, Toronto, Canada, "Passion as an Engine to Creation," lecture and workshop Center for Art and Architecture, Budapest, Hungary "Education as a Barrier," lecture International Architectural Conference, Slovenia, "Passion as an Engine to Creation," keynote speaker Eco City Development Conference, Yangzhou, China "Spirit of Space," keynote speaker Association for Architecture, Tokyo, Japan, "Spirit of Space," speaker Shanghai International Residential Conference 2000, China, "Spirit of Space," keynote speaker AIA/ NYC Public Committee, "China's New Development in 14 Cities," lecture Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Knoxville, Texas, "Education as a Barrier," lecture China Institute in America, NYC, "An Architect's View of Development in China," guest speaker International Symposium on Sustainable Development, China, "Quality of Emptiness," keynote speaker Habitat II NGO Forum '96 in Istanbul, "Impact of Built Environment on Human Behavior," workshops Beijing '95 NGO Forum on Women, "Spirit of Space," speaker Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC "Influence of Space on Productivity," workshop School of Architectures in Thailand and Singapore, "Spirit of Space," series of lectures School of Architecture in Johannesburg, South Africa, "Ethics and Architecture," lecture University of St. Petersburg, Russia, "Unity in Form," lecture University of Moscow, Russia, "The Impact of Technology Building," lecture Architecture Association (AA), London, England, "Knowledge Change Gap," lecture London Northeast Polytechnic, England, "Vernacular Architecture," lecture International Architectural Conference, Shiraz, Iran, "The Knowledge Change Gap," speaker International Congress of Women Architects, Ramsar, Iran, "Architecture's Identity in Crisis," speaker Dublin Institute of Architecture, Ireland, "Islamic Architecture," guest speaker Baha'i Center, Sophia, Bulgaria, "The Quality of Emptiness in Man-made Environments," Lecturer

Selected Awards
Business Achievement Award from former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Certificate of Appreciation from New York Regional Education Center for Economic Development Recipient of $10,000 Award for an entrepreneurial/professional firm in NYC from former Mayor Ed Koch Certificate of Merit for Design, Hunter College, New York Recipient of Gold Medal from Her Majesty (Princes Farah) for preserving tradition in modern design 1st prize recipient of competition for design of elderly housing in Sacramento, California Sarah Armstrong Award, University of California at Los Angeles

Selected Publications & Interviews
Republican-American titled, March 30, 2012 “Hugged by an Igloo,” interview Baha’i Faith, December 16, 2011, “Homes for Haiti have Space and Spirit,” interview E-Oculus, January 25th, 2011 “Design Ideas Converge on Haiti,” interview Daily Kos, January 16. 2011 “One Year After Earthquake, AIA's Creative Homes for Haiti,” report Stewardship Report, January 16. 2011 “One Year After Earthquake, AIA's Creative Homes for Haiti,” report Huffington Post, December 30, 2010 “Architects Announce Six Final Plans for Haiti Housing Collaborative,” report The Examiner, January 12,2012 “Who Says Haiti is Beyond Help?” Interview ENR NY, January 5, 2011 “AIANY’s Haiti Housing Collaborative Announces 12 Finalist Designs,”
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