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@nd Opinion Design


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Why?2nd Opinion Design gives you an impartial  perspective on your architectural project to ensure that the final edifice represents your vision in aesthetics, functionality, and value. Whether a small-scale renovation or a major development, any project can have unanticipated opportunities or problems.  Unforeseen events can occur during all phases of design and construction.  A second opinion can clarify the issues so the best possible decisions can be made.

Founder Noushin Ehsan, is an internationally known architect and award-winning designer of public buildings and private residences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America.  She is a professor, lecturer, and consultant specializing in the psychological impact of man-made space on human behavior.  She calls her design approach, “The Spirit of Space”.

Architectural plans, no matter how skillfully crafted, can have elements that are subject to interpretation or refinement.  We suggest retaining our services early in the process, rather than just calling us in when a crisis reveals itself.  This will help ensure smoother overall progress, and it could identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

2nd Opinion Design’s ultimate goal is to foster clear communication between architects and clients.  Our role is advisory, and does not duplicate the services of other professionals. Since the conception of the firm in 2000, this consultative approach with clients has added a dimension that uplifts mind and spirit.



   Our value-added services:

Provide fresh perspective on your projects and 
confirm the feasibility of your design

Help enhance your design objectives and            
direct your attention to architectural features 
that will uplift the mind body and spirit

Offer suggestions that will improve your 
design, prevent missed opportunities and 
costly construction mistakes

Provide impartial opinion with a special 
emphasis on functionality and profitability

Act as your advocate throughout your design and 
building process

Provide qualified, expert witness services 
in cases of dispute or litigation


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