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     @nd Opinion Design  
  2nd Opinion Design offers an experienced eye to act as an advocate across a broad range of 
  design and construction services. We have an expert team of licensed architects, planners and 
  designers, each of whom has a minimum of 30 years experience in their field. Our team will 
  evaluate your project and it’s potential. Just as our name suggests, we provide you with a second 
  opinion when you need an unbiased advocate to achieve your project objectives. We can also be your representative 
  in all design and construction–related matters and assist you to:
  •  Review your objectives and evaluate your site
  •  Prepare a feasibility study
  •  Analyze the visual impact and functionality of your design
  •  Mediate between your design team, contractor, and you
  •  If necessary, act as an expert witness
  We will work with you and act as an intermediary between you and the team you have hired. We examine your objectives 
  and review all existing plans in regard to feasibility, functionality, time and budget. Through evaluating the proportion, light,
  harmony, contrast and progression of space, we also review the intangible quality of your design and will present 
  a verbal or written analysis of your project. We do not take over your project; rather we become your advisors throughout 
  the process of design and construction. You can obtain our services from the initial planning to the final construction or 
  you can select specific support at any phase of your project. Our services can be retained for a minimum of two hours and 
  we will work as many hours as necessary to meet your goals.
Project Type

• Residential and Commercial spaces • Educational and Cultural facilities • Entertainment and Hotel facilities • Health Care and Retirement facilities • Master Plans and Urban Designs
Project Size
Our projects range from community planning and large complexes to private homes and commerical enterprises.
• Home owners • Store owners • Office owners • Restaurant and Nightclub owners • Co-Op and Condo Boards • Developers • Contractors • Community representatives • Government officials • Individuals or firms involved in arbitration or litigation
Project Duration & Fee
• Our service can be purchased for $250 an hour for a minimum of 2 hours • You can utilize full or partial services as required. • Where possible, a flat fee for a specific service can also be negotiated • Advance retainer equal to fifty percent of estimated fee is required • Until January 1, 2008, the initial fee for one hour of our service will be free
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