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Wether your project is a master plan for a new town, a large complex, a humble strip mall or even home renovation, you can benefit from our unique approach to design excellence. The following selected example shown below expresses how a small change made early in design can have significant impact on the enjoyment of space.

The program of plans A and B below consist of a kitchen and a maid’s room, which are accessible from both the service
entrance as well as the existing dinning room.

[Plan A]
[Plan B]


In plan A, the maid's room and pantry are next to the dining area and the kitchen is next to service entrance.


In Plan B, the kitchen, and pantry are next
to the dinning room and the maid’s room is next to
the service entrance.

They both have functional priorities. As an added
value, plan B has a cozy breakfast area in front of
the kitchen windows.


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