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Electronics Store     
5th Avenue     
New York, NY     





Under Construction


[1] Interior
[2] Entrance
[3] Sound room
[4] Interior
[5] electronic display
[6] Subsequent Design by another      architect
This electronic store (156 Fifth Avenue) and the Royal Silk (76 Fifth Avenue) 
were both designed in 1986 with low budget. Our approach to strip the 
suspended ceiling to reveal the integrity of the original building started 
a new trend in the area. The subsequent design (6) for the electronic store 
was the clothing store and it was provided by another architect. These two 
different designs for the same space indicate the different feelings design 
can provoke. Since the budget for the electronic store was 1/10 of the 
budget for the clothing store, the existing columns and the floor were left 
as originals. The emphases of the design was on funneling the customers 
through the store and attracting them to the different displays.
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